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My Top Five-Star Hotels Around the World for Family Vacations

While where you go is often the first decision you make when planning your travels, where you stay can really make (or break) your experience. Hand-picking properties for my clients is one of my favorite parts of being a travel advisor, and I love to check into some extra special places when I travel myself, […]

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3 Trending Travel Destinations for Curious Families

You and your family are ready for an immersive adventure—to a place that’s sure to capture your hearts and your imagination. You’re looking to do more than simply lounge by the pool all day. You yearn to learn, grow, and discover together. The only question now is: where to jet off to? You could choose […]

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Why Italy Should Be Your Family’s First European Getaway

If your family has been dreaming of an extraordinary European adventure, there’s only one place to start: Italy. I love Italy, and as a travel expert I think it’s a top pick for families who’re making their first big trip to the continent together. Here are five reasons why Italy should be your family’s first […]

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