February 8, 2024

Why Italy Should Be Your Family’s First European Getaway

If your family has been dreaming of an extraordinary European adventure, there’s only one place to start: Italy. I love Italy, and as a travel expert I think it’s a top pick for families who’re making their first big trip to the continent together. Here are five reasons why Italy should be your family’s first foray into the magic of Europe:

1. Your family will receive a warm welcome.

Italy has been a must-visit destination for tourists for centuries, which means the Italians are well practiced at rolling out the red carpet for visitors. More than that, though, Italians tend to take a lot of pride in their cultural treasures and are eager to share what they think makes their country so special.

Plus, Italians are particularly welcoming to families and kids. Much of Italian culture revolves around the family unit, and Italians love young children and babies in particular. This is not a place where kids are seen as a “nuisance”—the opposite, in fact!

2. The country is easy to navigate.

It’s natural to be nervous about the logistics of traveling through a new-to-you country, especially if you don’t speak the language. But Italy is about as easy as it gets when it comes to getting around in Europe. The trains generally run on time, stations are big and clean, and the rail system is extensive making it possible to get almost anywhere you want to go via train alone.

If you do rent a car, you’ll find that roads are well kept—especially in the north of the country. And if you don’t want driving duties, you can hire a private driver who may even double as a knowledgeable guide, sharing interesting facts and personal stories of the places you stop at along your route.

3. Italy works well for a diversity of interests.

One of the keys to a successful vacation is ensuring every family member has something to look forward to in your itinerary. That is really easy to do in Italy, because the country offers such a wide array of exploration options to suite any interest. If one of your kids loves to cook, you can do a pizza making class together or visit the gelato museum near Bologna. If some in your family are more outdoorsy, you can cycle along the Appian Way outside Rome or hike the cliffside trails near the Cinque Terre. Got a budding history buff? Play gladiator for a day during a private, interactive tour at the Coliseum. From art and fashion to food and wine, there is something for everyone to enjoy in Italy!

4. Italy is suited to a well-balanced vacation.

If your family has never been to Italy before, you may be tempted to pack as much exploring in as possible. Unfortunately, that’s a recipe for travel burnout—you’ll return home more fatigued than when you left! Italy, however, is the perfect European destination for a balanced itinerary. There’s more than enough to see and do in every corner of the country, but it’s also easy to simply sit back, relax, and enjoy Italy’s natural beauty.

In fact, the Italians have a phrase, la dolce far niente, meaning “the sweetness of doing nothing.” Take a page out of their book and combine inspiring discovery with some time spent slowing down and savoring the moment. When my family went to Italy, one of the highlights of our trip was simply lazing on the breathtaking beach in Capri. So whether it’s a pasta dinner that stretches on for hours, or an afternoon spent splashing in the pool of your sun-splashed Tuscan villa, be sure to take time to enjoy Italy’s simple pleasure—because there are plenty of them.

Ready to make your escape to Italy? I’d love to design it for you. You can connect with me on a complimentary consultation call to get started—and before you know it, you’ll be saying arrivederci!

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